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The joy of Living

The joy of Living

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Latest News:

The Joy Of Living
Brain child of David Fairhall and Geoff Clarke, The Joy Of Living, is preparing for its third
Album release due out on 30 January 2009. This time on the newly formed and much anticipated
record label "6 Inch Records" Preparing for the Record and Label launch, The Joy Of Living, are now
rehearsing with new members including the rising violinist star Marie Anne Brucherri and mercurial
female vocalist Tammy Selah.
Numerous articles are appearing in the Music and Arts press regarding this latest Joy Of Living music
release which will be published by White Beetle Publishing.
Tickets are available online for the Label Launch at
Limited 10" vinyl versions of The Joy Of Living's first two albums have gone on sale again and are
available through their Myspace and also our shop, contact us for further details.
Rumours of further recordings in 2009 are circulating thoung nothing has yet been substantiated

Cartoon Violence
Originally a side project for "Three Minute Warnings" keybordist Chuzz, Cartoon Violence have finished
their debut album which is due for release in January 2009 through Britains largest Ska label, Do The Dog Music.
Entitled "What Ever Happened To The Likely Lad?" the album promises to be a memorable release and
with several tracks already previewable on Do The DOg's and Cartoon Violence's myspace site, public
interest seems very keen. Several Radio plays already notched up and a possible inclussion on a Madness 30th
Anniversary tribute album mean that 2009 promises to be a very exciting year for Cartoon Violence.
"What Ever Happened To The Likely Lad?" is to be published by White Beetle Publishing.

The Dropfonics
A quiet year for the Dropfonics except for several synchronisation deals in Europe and the US for Media clients.
Rumours of a follow up record persist though nothing concrete yet appears to bein the pipeline